Digital is a Springfield MO based performance artist, touring DJ, producer, and musician. He has played at events for Vampire Freaks and other organized dark music festivals across the country.


He is a regular featured DJ for Coven and Rapture in Saint Louis MO. He has worked in the entertainment industry in both New York and Los Angeles for Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures. He currently operates Black Horizon Productions which organizes shows in Springfield MO catering to the electronic music and metal scenes.


Digital is a founder of the Southern MO Dark Culture scene, Torment. Torment is the premier gothic and industrial music showcase held once a month at the Outland Complex in Springfield MO. Digital is also the founder of Strangelove, a synthwave cyberpunk party also held in the Outland Complex. He has been involved with music since 2003.


With over 12 years of experience under my belt locally and on the road, I'm not shy when it comes to lighting up a dance floor. And I tend to pour every bit of energy I have into my sets. The only common complaint I get is from photographers telling me I need to hold still so they can snap a good pic. I mix everything from stomping power noize to deep house and pretty much everything in between. I'm always expanding my music preferences and library, and I'd have it no other way. Tell me what you're into, and I hope to see you soon! ~XIII

Stygian began his DJ career under the tutelage of local jockeys XIII and Malkontent. Enamored with the club scene from an early age, he frequented the fledgling Gothic scene in Springfield MO and quickly became a regular; soon after he would debut behind the decks at the local goth/industrial night Torment.


Harboring a love for psychadelic trance, downtempo and soundtracks, Stygian has been a regular jockey at a range of events but currently can be found at Torment, Strangelove and Stranger Beats.